Olive Oyl (rde_livi4d) wrote in hpicon_request,
Olive Oyl


So, animus_mentis said this community was dead, so I have a BIG request. (I think it's big anyways)

Ok, so I want it to be in the style of my personal icon Im using. Quote. Except I need to have it made, instead of using pre-made ones. I take it these quote ones are very simple, are they not? I need it to be animated also.
1st frame-
Deep purple color. In the center I'd like it to say Livi D... switch to 2nd frame
2nd frame-
Blue. I'd like it to say Ravenclaw Prefect
Contest Guru
3rd frame-
Orange. In the top left corner I'd like it to say "In love with..." then in the bottom right hand corner these things to appear one at a time: "Coffee, Traveling Pants, teh SG, Bobby Pendragon, Randatious" and then very lastly I'd like it to say LIFE a little bigger than the rest were.

Im sorry if this doesn't make sense or something of the nature. I would appreciate if someone could help me out, I really want an icon that is personal to me, and expresses my personality.

Thanks so much in advance.
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