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Hi everyone
My name is Heather and I am new to the community. Um, I have never done a request before. Normally, I just find icons online and like credit them back to the user. Anyway, I was wondering if I wasn't too picky about the picture of an icon just the wording, if I actually needed a picture? Can anyone help?

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just decribe what type of icon you'd like to the best of your ability.
okay thanks
ok, so i dont really wanna join this board just to request one icon. my friend and i would really love for someone to make an icon of the weasley twins...with a picture from the newest movie not the old ones...if someone could do that one for me id love you forever....if its frowned upon to request when youre not a member im sorry....
what? i am a member.
Why don't you just join long enough to post a proper request with what you want on it or if you want it plain, whatever, and then once you get it leave? It would be a lot easier and it's more polite than requesting something in someone's post. Sorry if that sounds...bitchy. I'm just stating a suggestion.